Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

if only..

it was 4th june.n i was just sitting of doing nothing,wondering,thinking about the 4th june. the date looks like so familiar.n today, as usual,facebooking lah.ape lagi.early in d morning, masuk lab aje, facebook is just like reading daily papers.whats d different?paper is just like giving all importants events,whats happening all over the world.boring!facebooking is just like u r reading gossips!hahaha.thats what i do really ok pe.knowing about people's life,gaining ur experience,maturity.heh.omg. n while im opening my sis' facebook,n now i know.4th june is her wedding's, its her 4th wedding anniversary.n i was soooooooo terharu of what her hubby wrote for their anniversary.n IF ONLY i could have someone loving,appreciating me like this, it will be the best thing ever happend in my life! u must read this "roars and rants".

Posted by dragonajie at 1:52 PM Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I am never good with spoken words,

That’s why I’m hiding behind this keyboard,

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary,

So I want to thank you for marrying me,

I know it must be hard to love someone like me,

I know sometimes I might be a little crazy,

I’m not soft enough to always be romantic,

I’m sorry if my words are always sarcastic,

I am not the smartest, nor am I the wealthiest,

I’m not the best yet neither am I the worst,

I caught you first and for that I was lucky,

I’m the most handsome beast that you'll ever marry,

Forgive me for forgetting important dates,

Yet I don’t remember ever being late,

Forgive me for all my odd infatuations,

Forgive me for not giving you enough attention,

I may not have all the money in the world,

But I always do my best for food on our table,

I’m sorry we can’t afford all the luxuries,

Or all those gold and jewelries,

I’m sorry we can only afford a small old apartment,

It’s still way better than living in the basement,

Thank you for being a terrific wife to a terrifying husband,
For loving this overgrown child who thinks he’s a dragon,

Thank you for being kind and being patient,
Even when I get angry for seemingly no reason,

Thank you for blessing me with beautiful children,
I hope they will be our ticket to Heaven,

Thank you for bearing our kids Jake and Alice,
If you don’t mind can we have another one, please?

Raising little dragons may be a little hard,
When they grow up they’ll likely to break our hearts,

But didn’t we do it the same to our parents?

Yet we hardly ever see them complaining,

So we’ll love our children nevertheless,

And will always provide them with the very best,

They can be noisy, cranky, and a little wild,

But watching them sleep and grow up makes it all worthwhile,

Thank you for showering me with love and devotion,

Even if sometimes I don’t understand your emotion,

Thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin,

I know sometimes you feel like giving me a kicking,

I promise you I will try harder,

To be a good husband and a good father,

Don’t worry if our life may seem a little low,

I promise someday I’ll get you a bungalow,

I have many dreams yet to come true,

Yet I’ll be happy to live them all with you,

I pray that we’ll stick together for the next thousand years,

And hope in the end it will be worth all our tears,

Finally, happy 4th year wedding anniversary,

I love you, and thank you for loving me.

p/s about that particular surprise ‘gift’ I got you… err… do you mind if we skip lunch until next payday? He he he… is it?btol kan?if only i can have love like this :(
im praying for the best, the best person for me,the brigthter future of mine.
people,pray for me ya!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009